Zerply comes out of beta – what they learned

Zerply Infographic #2 - beta stage

Zerply beta stage

Zerply, an awesome “new” service to get a quick professional profile, recently released an infographic with some pretty cool statistics they gathered from their pre-release beta phase.  According to their study:

  • 10,879 users joined during the private beta
  • 77% of users stuck through to the public release
  • Sundays were lame for signups
  • People generally signed up during the middle of the week.  Especially on a Thursday.
  • 40% of beta user signups were viral (users inviting users via Twitter and Facebook)
  • The top services people listed were: 1. twitter, 2. facebook, 3. linkedin, 4. skype

Awesome stuff!  A tip of the old hat for you Zerply.  Check me out.