[AS3] ImageScroll v1.0

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This movie showcases the ImageScroll class I created to allow large media to fit in smaller, more manageable spaces. You simply provide it with a DisplayObject to use as the mask for the image, and load it when your ready. It will automatically take care of loading the image, and will apply scrolling capabilities as soon as it’s finished. The image will stay it’s actual size and will scroll based on the mask’s dimensions.

[AS3] FlashCaptions v1.0

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The flash movie above showcases the Caption class I’ve created over the years that adds a floating caption to any DisplayObject of your choosing.

I call it FlashCaptions. It is highly customizeable, and can even be customized using an external xml file. Options include:

  • changing the caption shape
  • providing an image for the caption background
  • providing a stylesheet to style the caption text
  • providing custom MouseEvent handlers to complete actions of your own.
  • apply positioning offsets to change the orientation of the caption

[AS3] FeedLoader v1.0

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The flash component above is a sample from my FeedLoader component. It loads in a given feed (of any type) and animates the posts. I chose to use it for quotes from one of my blogs so that it loads in all the quotes (as posts) and displays the content elegantly by smoothly fading random quotes in and out. If the quote is too big for the enclosed area, it will scroll based on a customizable ‘read-speed’ that will adjust the speed of the scroll based on how long you think it will take the average person to read a single line.

This component loads an external xml file that contains customizable display settings. A background color or image can be set, or it can also take an external CSS file to customize the look of the posts.