[experiment] Timeline.js – Revolutionary User Interfaces

This is an example of Timeline.js displaying the change of user interfaces over time.

[facebook] How to add all friends to an event

So you’re on Facebook, you’ve created a new event, filled out all the details, and you click the button to invite all your friends. Oh wait, there is no “add all friends” button! Those user-interface Nazis over at Facebook make you slave over the pain of clicking on each and every one of your 800 friends.

Well my friends, Nazis never win. Using your favorite JavaScript console (I used the one that comes with Google Chrome), you can copy & paste the below code to select all your friends.*

* before you enter the below code, you have to first go to edit the event, and click on the button to invite your friends. When the window with a list of your friends pops up, open your JavaScript console and enter the following:

// First get the container with all your friends
var friends = document.getElementById('all_friends');

// Now we go through and select each friend
for(var i=0; i < friends.childNodes.length; i++) { fs.click(friends.childNodes[i]); }

Bam! Just like that, your friends were selected. Well, depending on how fast your computer is, or how many friends you have, you might need to wait up to 30 sec. For the script to run.

Enjoy the freedom 🙂